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Dublin Trip

Tomorrow I’m off to Ireland with an i2 colleague – we’re taking part in the Visual Analysis of Complex Networks (VACN) Workshop & Visualization Cook-Off Competition at Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory at University College Dublin.

We’re going to be talking about some recent updates we’ve made to Analyst’s Notebook and some of our future plans. ┬áMore excitingly, we are going to spend some quality time with the authors of some brilliant open source tools – Gephi, Tulip, Visone & Pajek. Each of these are fantastic tools in their own right. It is going to be fun to find out how the tools that the day job has developed over many years compares against the young upstarts in the field ;-)

If you are in the area, drop by or drop me a note if you fancy meeting up!

Places mentioned in this book

Google Book Search now adds a map of places mentioned in the book. Try War and Peace, or some other examples.


Another flash based interactive infographic which combines a time line with geographic data – of US deaths in Iraq.


This past month, the swivel phenomenon seems to be growing. The idea: people upload their spreadsheets, graph the data, and share it in a Web 2.0 kinda way.

See for example violent crime versus wine consumption.

Interesting things: no XML in sight – swivel imports .CSV files. Users search by the column headers (no semantics, etc.) See the caveats page for guidelines on importing.

See the video on this page for a more complex variant on the same theme.

If our data format was as simple could we do the same with ELP?

Visualization of Uncertain Information

I found a seminar series on visualizing uncertain information:

The slides by David Harris were slanted at large quantities of unstructured data, although no solution seems in sight.

intelligence analysis background

This document includes comments on the generation gap, courses on critical thinking, etc. It also suggests on page 12 that there will be quality standards for analytic products.

I think I’ve traced the course to

These slides mention a web based tool ( which is

… developed for intelligence analysts that records analytic reasoning and methods, supports collaborative analysis across contemporary and historical situations and analysts…

Some fun: what the world might look like in 2020 from a US intelligence persepective: