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Online Diagramming Web Applications

There are a slew of rich internet applications (RIA) out there for drawing and diagramming. Here is a brief review of some notable ones and a list of some others for completeness…

Scrapblog is a feature rich fun web application built using Flex 2. In terms of the smoothness of implementation it is slightly better than Gliffy (Open Lazlo). I guess this more to do with the fun-oriented design of the application rather than the implementation framework. And the embeddability is great – see the blog for some examples.

CumulateDraw is a poor third: similar functionality, but a terrible name, a basic implementation (raw javascript/html?), and poor usability (try the palette) let it down. Last and least, is Thinkature, which looks cool initially, but its limited functionality and slowness mean after a couple of minutes you want to browse elsewhere.

MindMeister might be worth tracking once it launches…

See also Kayuda , Mindomo , yWorks,
mind42, skrbl, ajaxSketch, FlowChart and an oldie: Imagination Cubed

The opposite of usable

This video of speech recognition in Vista is so excruciating, it actually ends up being kind of funny…