Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Places mentioned in this book

Google Book Search now adds a map of places mentioned in the book. Try War and Peace, or some other examples.

Many Eyes

IBM’s visualization lab have published the ‘Many Eyes‘ collaborative site, which improves on the ideas of Swivel. After data gets uploaded, you can choose several different visualization paradigms to view it.

Friday Catch Up

These flight paths are just stunning.

A hyperbolic graph of data sources from Lexis Nexis – good for graphs with tree structure.

I found this article from Cooper design a good read – particularly the ‘revision death spiral’…

And finally – Is this formula for real?

Justice Mapping

An elegant set of visualizations of ‘justice data’.

Information Visualization Introduction

This google tech talk is a great introduction to information visualization theory with particular reference to node-link graphs by a rising star in the field, Tamara Munzner.

Radial Layout

A relatively old piece of work, but this radial layout video (25MB) demonstrates how compelling it could be for data exploration. (Context). Worth noting though that it works best with a tree structure with small numbers of non-tree links, which generally are emphasised by the layout. Incremental additions/deletions of nodes are particularly smoothly dealt with.

Trois Dimensions

A great demo of 3D mapping from France (go to about 1:30min in), no doubt to be followed in the mainstream by Virtual Earth and Google Earth/Maps sometime…

Interaction Models

A combination of something like with a gestural interface, e.g., Microsoft Research, would be really cool…

CIA fact book

A relationship browser for the CIA factbook – again done in flash. Only amusing for about two minutes, though the radial layout and animation is well thought out.


Another flash based interactive infographic which combines a time line with geographic data – of US deaths in Iraq.