Monthly Archive for September, 2009

Oops I crashed Gmail

I think I might have crashed Gmail last week. Seriously.

The crash is well documented with the usual set of vague excuses including ‘high load on the service’. But was it my fault?

I had just got a new HTC Hero and was trying to migrate my contacts from my old phone.  I’d got myself into a state where I’d got the new contacts onto the phone from Google, but at that point I realised most of the fields were misaligned.

Not thinking what I was doing, I deleted all the contacts from the phone and then started to edit my contacts within Gmail. What I didn’t realise was that hundreds of these deleted phone contacts were also being deleted from my Gmail contacts. My phone also locked up. While I was trying to correct my list in Gmail I kept getting these weird errors that the contacts I was editing didn’t exist any more. Very odd. The contacts list was getting shorter and shorter. And suddenly BANG, I got a big error in Gmail saying ‘Your contact list is not available right now, please try again later’.  I tweet about it and a friend tweets back and says that everyone else is having the same problem.

Coincidence?  Almost certainly. I guess I’ll never know. I just have this lingering sense of guilt about it ;-)

Proud Sponsors…

I’m very happy to announce that with the new change of management at the day job, i2 will be sponsoring VisWeek this year!

As ever, the conference programme looks exciting. It will be a great chance to meet customers and also to see what the academic community has been doing in 2009. Can’t wait…