Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Me Me Me Me Me

I’ve worked at i2 for more than twelve years.

I’ve seen one office move, two company sales, three major releases, one acquisition, five CEOs and countless reorganisations. I’ve seen the company grow from 30 to about 300 people. I’ve worked for three line managers, under three CTOs. I’ve moved desks eight times.  Since I joined there have been five major versions of Windows. I’ve managed six different people. I’ve had five different roles. I’ve done ten trips to the US, attended seven major conferences, sponsored two of them, done five user groups, attended twelve international workshops & spoken at twenty+ events.

I’ve programmed in six major languages. I’ve worked for 2996 working days. I’ve had roughly 7000 meetings & sent 160,000 emails.

I’ve had enough – I’m moving on.

While I’ve enjoyed the opportunities for career development of being in a growing company, I’ve often found myself yearning for that small company feeling, where it is easier to innovate & be in closer touch with customers.  I’m looking for a leaner, meaner environment where one person can make a big impact.  I want to throw myself back into code again.

Over the last few years I’ve found my own preferences & prejudices diverging from the company line.  I’ve spent a lot of time in newer more open technology stacks. I’ve stopped using any Microsoft tools.  I’m really not a big fan of heavy ‘enterprise’ frameworks, but prefer a lighter, quicker way. I’ve grown to love Python and Javascript rather than C#. Increasingly I’ve found myself playing with web frameworks rather than desktop tools.  There will be some fascinating convergences in the next few years, and I want to be on the front line as they happen.

Bring it on!