I’m a software developer and entrepreneur specialising in visualization systems. I have fifteen years commercial experience of software design and development through all stages of the product life-cycle using a variety of technologies. I have a strong academic and research background in mathematics, theoretical physics and computing.

May 2011-Present   Founder, Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence is a visualisation company serving the security sector.  We create modern visual investigation tools using HTML5.

Our first product, KeyLines, is a flexible network visualisation toolkit, designed for law enforcement, fraud detection, counter terrorism, CRM, sales & social network data. Its purpose is to uncover network structures behind an organisation’s data.

More products are scheduled to be released during 2012.

Before founding Cambridge Intelligence I worked for i2 (now IBM) for twelve years. i2 produce visualisation and analysis software designed for intelligence and crime analysts in high profile intelligence agencies, the military and law enforcement. While I was there the company grew from 30 people to around 300. I had several roles.

2010-April 2011   i2 – Head of Research

I ran the company’s research team. Responsibilities included:

  • Defining the research direction for the company
  • Line management of four senior researchers, based in the UK, US & Canada
  • Having a broad understanding of research areas: graph theory, social network analysis, visualisation, data modelling, text analytics, fuzzy text searching & matching, facial recognition
  • Building relationships with the global academic visualisation and social network analysis communities
  • Speaking  at international conferences
  • High level technical account management with key customers
  • Evaluation of potential acquisitions

2007-2009   i2 – Research Lead

I ran the Cambridge research team.  In 2009 I spoke at several large conferences. I lead technical accounts with several customers in the intelligence world. Several research projects from the team shipped in products. My own research moved towards pure Javascript & HTML5 canvas implementations.

In 2008 I defined and built a prototype web-based visualisation system. I lead a team of 3-7 people over the year. We built the system using both Flex/Flash and Silverlight with Java server-side with an ATOM/REST style service interface. The project innovated in many areas, not just application delivery, but also in terms of collaboration features, visual design and information architecture. The company subsequently adopted Silverlight.

In 2007 I coordinated a research proposal for €3.5 million under the EU FP7 programme. The consortium was made up of i2, two Italian universities, SAP, a Czech company and Europol. The bid was very nearly successful & scored highly on the areas I had direct responsibility for – the technical component.

2004-2007   i2 – Lead Technical Architect

  • Technical leadership of projects
  • Impact assessments of new technologies
  • Development standards and procedures
  • Architecture reviews of large projects

I readied the company for the arrival of Vista and the wider adoption of virtualization technologies like VMWare. I put into place various development guidelines: from the evaluation of 3rd party software, to performance best practices, to standards concerned with reduced user privileges & other aspects of Windows in the enterprise.

During 2005-2006 I was a technical lead for a .NET project of 5-8 people. This involved design and review work, requirements ownership of some key areas, putting processes in place, some management activities and some coding.

In 2004 I worked on a semantic infrastructure project with the CTO. I designed and implemented (in C++) a ‘semantic’ layer which pushes through all of i2′s products. Data is marked with semantic ‘tags’ which allows the software some understanding of the data it represents.

1998-2003   i2 – Senior Developer

I worked for five years on i2’s flagship product – a Windows application written using MFC which allows customisation through a large COM API.

I designed and implemented a major new version which incorporated new temporal visualisations for intelligence analysts, which included:

  • Presentations, workshops with key stakeholders, gathering
    requirements & owning requirements lists
  • Design of the new project, including time analysis features
  • Rewriting large sections of core libraries to incorporate new
  • C++ implementation of core algorithms, using fun data structures
    such as skip-lists
  • Development team lead
  • API Design

1996–1998   Metron Technology Ltd – Development Specialist

I designed a product which used mathematical modelling (queueing theory) to predict end-to-end response times in Client-Server systems. The product is still sold today. The project was funded via a DTI SPUR grant for the commercial exploitation of research.


I’m an enthusiastic coder who loves learning new technologies.  I have a particular interest in JavaScript, both client side using HTML5 and server side using NodeJS.

Language skills – most recent first

  • Javascript – two years
  • Python – one year
  • Adobe Flash/Flex – Actionscript – one year
  • C#, .NET – three years
  • C++ (COM, MFC) – five years
  • VB – two years


M.Sc. in Computer Science (Distinction) Imperial College, London University 1995-1996

Options: Performance Analysis, C++ and OOD, Databases, Graphics, Algorithms & Reasoning. Dissertation found a new algorithm for measuring fractal dimension.

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, King’s College, Cambridge 1990-1994

Member of Stephen Hawking’s research group. Thesis on perturbations of space-time in the early universe. Papers presented in Paris, London and Tokyo.

Part III Mathematics (Distinction), King’s College, Cambridge 1989-1990

Courses: Numerical Analysis, Cosmology, Black Holes, etc. Scholar of King’s College.

B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics (1st Class), Bristol University 1986-1989

Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics and other Applied Mathematics courses.



  • UK National
  • Security status available on request
  • Full Driving License
  • Conversational Italian